Providing Flexibility Without Compromising Quality  

Virtual Management Solutions, LLC was created to address the nagging problems of contemporary organizations. Our team is comprised of experienced administrators and managers and from the private sector, government, technology, entertainment and non-profit arena that are willing and able to step in to address any administrative, operational, project or management challenge you face. 

At Virtual Management Solutions, LLC we believe in working smarter. Whether you are a one-person shop or have built a substantial team, we are here to help. We understand every business is unique and has the capability to be more productive and profitable when their team is able to work how and where they are most effective. We believe how your business operates should be cultivated by the mission, culture and priorities you've set. Virtual Management Solutions, LLC is here to provide you with the cost beneficial support you need.

“I created Virtual Management Solutions primarily because I wanted to help small companies with big ideas and big goals. Every company I admire started with one or two focused and dedicated people in a room with an idea and a plan. I know from my professional experience that there is always a need for a person or team that can step-in a moment’s notice and execute a company’s vision and or project. We are here to help fill that void in small business.”

Sharon Ingram, Founder of Virtual Management Solutions